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Incident Report Form
Safety and Emergency Procedures for DMACC
Incident Report Form
safety and emergency equipment

DMACC has active Safety/Building Captain Teams that represent all staff and facilities within the college. Committee members are comprised of individuals with the responsibility and authority to act on safety concerns, and are typically Provosts, Deans, Managers and Directors. The Safety/Building Captain Teams are chaired by the Director of Campus Safety& Emergency Management. Safety concerns can be addressed to any Safety/Building Captain Team member, or the Director of Campus Safety& Emergency Management at ext. 6816.

Violent Incident Response
» Run, Retreat, Resist Video (video: 6 min.)
» Run Hide Fight Video (video: 8 min.)

President's Day October 2012: ALICE Introduction new!

DMACC Safety/Building Captains have been trained on how to respond to most normally expected emergencies.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) forms can be obtained from many sources on the internet and one source that we have found that provides a comprehensive list of internet sites can be found on the Kansas State University web site: Also, the website for OSHA is

DMACC Chemical Hygiene Plan

View the DMACC Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Chemical Safety Information for Chemistry Classes

View the Chemical Safety Information for Chemistry Classes.

DMACC Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

View the DMACC Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.

DMACC Identity Theft-Red Flags Procedures

View DMACC Identity Theft-Red Flag Procedures.

» Security Contact Procedures
» Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
» Incident Report Form

DMACC students, faculty and staff can get DMACC Emergency information via DMACC Alert on their cell phone, land line phones or email. Log on to to add the cell landline numbers and email address to receive the alerts. The username is the student's full DMACC email address ( and password can be set by clicking the Forget Username or Password bar and following the prompts.

For additional information about Safety or Emergency Preparedness procedures, or feedback about this website, please contact Ned Miller, Director of Campus Safety & Emergency Management at 515-964-6816 (