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Honors Program

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DMACC Honors Program
DMACC Honors Program

Fall 2013 kicks off the second year of Des Moines Area Community College's Honors Program that offers high-achieving, motivated students an opportunity to graduate with honors.

Honors courses are designed to prepare students to enter the work force with a competitive edge, or transfer to honors programs at four-year colleges and universities.

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Why enroll in the Honors Program at DMACC?

Because DMACC can offer you the opportunity to continue to be challenged at your ability level, while providing one-on-one advising, designed to help you take charge of your future. After all, we're aware you have special assets as a high-achieving student, including higher grades, higher standardized test scores and excellent recommendations from former teachers. Our Honors Program can help you achieve what you want out of life, whether you transfer to a four-year college or university honors program or enter the workforce after graduation from DMACC.

How the DMACC Honors Program works

After you're accepted at DMACC, learn more information about Honors at DMACC and submit an electronic application form. You'll enroll in a 20-credit honors program. These 20 credits will include 16 credits of enhanced courses already in your degree path. You'll also take four (4) one-credit seminars that offer you an introduction to the program, college credits for service learning, and opportunities for leadership. Not to mention, you'll receive assistance in creating an e-portfolio that can help you get into a four-year college or land a job after graduation.

Make DMACC your school of choice next semester.

DMACC Honors Program Mission Statement: To provide quality, affordable, student-centered education and training opportunities that challenge and stimulate high ability students with high academic standards.